Appendix 6. Environmental Specifications


amazonails standard floor specification is based on 200-300mm thick layer of insulation depending on floor type and site constraints. The standard roof design is based upon using 300mm sheepswool with 40mm Pavatex insulating board. The U-values calculated for amazonails standard construction were calculated considering thermal bridging in order to make the figures as realistic as possible (Atkinson, 2008).

amazonails standard can be brought in line with other zero energy specifications by installing additional roof insulation, floor insulation and triple glazed windows. These other standards are:

  • The Association of Environment Conscious Builders (AECB) Silver Standard specifies measures that lead to an overall 70% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the UK average for buildings of each type. This is achieved through a variety of means including medium insulation on walls and roof, passive solar design, low-energy lighting and high-efficiency appliances.

  • The AECB Gold Standard aims at reducing overall CO2 emissions by 95% and is almost identical with the passive house standard which describes buildings insulated to such a level that they could be heated by the mere presence of people and have no internal source of heat. In addition, only the highest efficiency appliances and lighting can be used.

For further information please see:

  • Building Research Establishment (BRE) Zero Heating House Standard defines a similar goal as the AECB golden standard

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